Odyssey Q1 Hazard Lite (Black) Wheel Set
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Brand New  Odyssey Hazard Lite Wheel Set.

Rear is laced to a Quartet REAR hub.This wheel is Double wall  and hub is fully sealed  with female axles. This fits 14mm rear drop outs.14mm Rear wheel with a 9 tooth Cassette******

Front is a Hazard Lite with a Vandero 2 Front Female axle Hub.

Wheel is BLACK with black hub and spokes..

RETAIL IS OVER $380.00******* SAVE$$$$$$$

Our Q1 Wheel is our Quartet hub laced onto a hard anodized black  Hazard Lite rim

PRICE IS FOR 2 Wheels** Front and REAR******************

Melton's Cycle is a rider owned shop that only deal in BMX parts and Bikes. 


FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Only ship to the lower 48 states*****

  • Item #: Odyysey Q1 Black wheel Set
  • Manufacturer: Odyssey

Odyssey Q1 Hazard Lite (Black) Wheel Set

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