Odyssey Aaron Ross V2 Updated Signature Tire
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Melton's Cycle is your Odyssey Headquarters*** The largest authorized Odyssey Dealer in the South East***

These are just Released***

Brand New Odyssey Aaron Ross V2 Tire. 

WE have these in 2.30 and 2.40***

Check the Drop down box for Sizes     


    Sale is For One TIRE ONLY!!!!

REMEMBER You Get Free Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron’s new signature tires feature an updated block tread and bigger sizing. The uniform block tread is reminiscent of his original tire, but freshened up.


Price is for one 1 Tire*******

Give us a call at the shop with all Questions*** 704-213-6233** Thanks Lenny

Melton's cycle is a rider owned shop that only deals in BMX Parts and Bikes****

Check out Melton's Cycle Shop for the best deals******
  • Item #: Aaron Ross V2 Tire
  • Manufacturer: Odyssey

Odyssey Aaron Ross V2 Updated Signature Tire

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